The Congress of the Cyprus Peace Council is convening at a time when where:

the imperialist order continues to provoke wars and misery all over the world,

  • the global capitalist crisis is widening the gap between the wealth of the few and the poverty of the majority of the people,
  • drug and human trafficking are booming,
  • military spending and armaments show a huge increase despite the global economic crisis,
  • the environment is under threat for the sake of capital’s profits,
  • our own homeland not only continues to suffer from the tragic consequences of the treacherous fascist coup d’état, Turkish invasion, illegal occupation, and partitionist status quo, but is also from the destructive austerity policies that are increasing social inequalities, humiliating the people and making them poorer.

Having all of this in mind, the Congress of the Cyprus Peace Council held in Nicosia on 8th July 2017 under the slogan “Peace with Justice in Cyprus and the World” declares that it:

  1. Remains faithful to the principles and ideals of peace, justice and the building of a better demilitarized world, without wars and criminal warmongering alliances such as NATO; a world where scientific and technological achievements will be used to eradicate poverty, hunger and diseases; a world that will respect and protect the rights of the peoples and people, as well as the environment.
  2. Stands against the militarization of Europe, the EU’s coupling with NATO, the orientation of the Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP) and the European Union’s Common Security and Defense Policy (CSDP) and its military missions and interventions throughout the world. It calls for the dismantling of the military bases and removal of all nuclear weapons from the territory of our continent. It calls for cancellation of the plans for the use of nuclear power in Cyprus, and denounces plans for the promotion of a plant to produce electricity power through the use of nuclear energy in Akkuy, Turkey. At the same time, it strongly reacts to the European decisions that have turned the EU’s economy into a war industry, indeed on the pretext of generating jobs.
  3. Reiterates its belief in the Charter of the United Nations, International Law and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and demands their implementation in practice.
  4. Welcomes the development of the World Peace Movement and the efforts to coordinate its activity. In this respect, it particularly welcomes the prominent role played by the World Peace Council, of which our own Council is an integral part and pledges to continue and step up as much as it can its own contribution to the universal effort.
  5. Conveys a warm greeting to the Cypriot people, Greek Cypriots, Turkish Cypriots, Maronites, Armenians and Latins, and calls on it to intensify the difficult struggle against the partitionist status quo for a free and reunited Cyprus, the common homeland of all its children. It expresses its anxiety and willingness for the talks to arrive at a conclusion based on principles and an agreed framework that will ensure a mutually acceptable, viable and workable solution based on International Law, the UN resolutions on Cyprus and the High-Level Agreements; a solution that will safeguard human rights and fundamental freedoms in conditions of lasting peace and security. It calls on the international community to put pressure on Turkey so that it abandons its intransigence and complies with the principles of the solution of the Cyprus problem.


  1. Considers as pressing the need to intensify our struggle for a solution that will lead to a united country within a federal, bi-zonal, bi-communal state with political equality between the two communities as set out by the United Nations, that will be characterized by a single sovereignty, a single citizenship and one single international personality; a solution that will guarantee fundamental freedoms and human rights for all Cypriots, in a country without foreign troops, guardians and bases. We recall that this is the basic demand of Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots, and the only way for a just under the concrete circumstances solution to the Cyprus problem.


  1. Reaffirms, in relation to the above, its firm position in favor of the complete demilitarization of the Republic of Cyprus and the abolition of the British Bases.


  1. Strongly opposes the accession of Cyprus to the “Partnership for Peace” program, which is a branch of NATO and does not in any way serve the interests of Cyprus and its people, but instead puts the country in the entrance hall of the NATO war machine, which planned the 1974 twin crime committed against Cyprus. Such a development undermines peace, stability and the future of the children of Cyprus.
  2. Denounces the military cooperation of Cyprus with Israel and demands its immediate termination. At the same time, it calls for the immediate respect for the International Convention on the Law of the Sea of 1982
  3. Denounces Turkey’s growing aggression towards the Cypriot people, an aggressive strategic part of the Turkish Government’s policy in pursuit of its goal of enhancing its role as a regional policeman to the benefit of the country’s ruling class and to serve wider imperialist interests.
  4. Expresses its gratitude to the forces all over the world supporting our people’s struggle and expresses its unwavering solidarity with all the peoples fighting against imperialism, for freedom, justice and peace.
  5. Expresses its support and solidarity with all peoples struggling against imperialism. In particular, it expresses its support and solidarity with the heroic and martyr Palestinian people who is resisting the barbarity of the state of Israel and struggling for its freedom and the recognition of a Palestinian state on the 1967 border with East Jerusalem as the capital. It expresses its support and solidarity with the suffering people of Syria, with the heroic Cuban people who is resisting the US aggression and American economic, commercial and financial blockade and with the Venezuelan people who is resisting the foreign interventions and interferences in their internal affairs and the US aggression.
  6. Condemns imperialist interventions wherever they are being waged. It denounces in particular the ongoing bloodshed being committed against our neighboring and friendly Syrian people. The main cause of the dramatic conflicts in Syria is the imperialist’s plan, and especially US imperialism, to impose changes to serve specific imperialist plans for the establishment of a “New Middle East” and for the control of the region’s rich resources.
  7. Expresses its solidarity with the thousands of refugees from Syria and the countries of North Africa who are either confronting death in the Mediterranean Sea because of the closure of borders by the countries of the European Union or are trapped in miserable conditions in refugee concentration camps. It demands from all the EU Member States that first, they should make a decisive contribution towards ending the bloodshed in Syria and, second, that they assume their share of responsibility in accommodating refugees and to create humane and dignified open reception spaces.
  8. Joins its voice with the Middle East peace-loving fraternal movements calling for the Middle East to be declared a zone free from all weapons of mass destruction (nuclear, chemical and biological). We call on Israel to sign and respect the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons.
  9. Demands an end to the illegal occupation of Palestine, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Western Sahara, Afghanistan and, of course Cyprus, as well as the immediate termination of outside interferences and interventions which, on the pretext of existing or non-existent issues relating to minorities, are inciting nationalist and chauvinist outbursts and cultivating civil war conflicts aiming at destabilization and the changing of the borders of states.
  10. The struggle is continuing, together will all the peoples and peace-loving forces for PEACE AND JUSTICE IN CYPRUS AND IN THE WORLD.


The Congress of the Cyprus Peace Council calls on all the members of the Peace Council, as well all those who feel the need for promoting peace in Cyprus and in the world, to support the efforts to upgrade its role for a more effective intervention by the movement. The Cyprus Peace Council, improving its organizational capacity in the period ahead, is aiming to:

– decentralize its activity by reactivating its district branches, which are responsible for defining actions and fulfilling their obligations according to the statutes of the CPC.

– making new members from trade union, educational and environmental organizations, from personalities from the arts and letters, sports and from all levels of education, as well as from Members of Parliament, Mayors, doctors, journalists and figures from the mass media.

– strengthen the movement’s bicommunal action with the participation of more of our Turkish Cypriot compatriots,

The Cyprus Peace Council, aiming at developing the peace-loving, anti-imperialist and anti-war sentiment and sense of solidarity among the Cypriot people, in the period ahead is aiming at strengthening the struggles:

– for a peaceful solution of the Cyprus problem, for freedom and the reunification of Cyprus in conditions of permanent peace and security,

– for the full demilitarization of Cyprus,

– to rid the Middle East from weapons of mass destruction,

– for denuclearization and disarmament,

– for the dissolution of the NATO imperialist machine and to rid the peoples from imperialist wars,

– for cooperation with fraternal peace movements through the World Peace Council,

– for promoting peace in Cypriot society in collaboration with personalities from the fields of culture, education, media and health.


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