May 1: May Day on Wall Street – No Walls in the Workers Struggle!

Workers everywhere are rising up, organizing, striking, and fighting back under difficult conditions. The capitalist elite are hell bent on dividing and oppressing workers on the basis of racism, sexism, xenophobia, ableism and anti-LGBTQ2S oppression. May Day is the day for us to remind the state that workers will bring this system down.

May Day is the historic international workers’ holiday and it is vital that we continue to build global working class solidarity by fighting back against capitalist greed, racism, and growing fascism around the world. We rally on Wall Street this May Day to point the finger at the ruling class and the corporate oligarchs responsible for these crimes.

Every struggle is a workers struggle. Climate change is a workers struggle, the student movements and the teacher’s movements are workers struggles, the struggle against racist police terror and prisons is a workers struggle. Prisoners on hunger strike are a workers struggle, indigenous power and land demands are workers struggles, women trans and non-binary people’s struggles are workers struggles, the sex workers struggle is a workers struggle, the struggle against sexual and domestic violence is a workers struggle. People with disabilities’ struggle for access, rights, and survival is a workers struggle. The immigrant movement is a workers struggle! The antiwar movement, the housing movement, the healthcare-for-all movement are workers struggles! EVERY STRUGGLE IS A WORKERS STRUGGLE!

In addition to Wall Street, we are supporting the workers’ struggle at TYS Laundromat in Harlem. After years of wage theft and unsafe working conditions, the workers have dared to fight back. With community support they have won minimum wage and safer working conditions, but the bosses are still refusing to pay years of unpaid wages and have retaliated by cutting their hours. Come out at Noon on Mayday and stand with these workers to demonstrate the tremendous community support that they have. (215 E 116 St, Harlem)

Join us this May Day to give Wall Street something to worry about as we declare: No Walls in the Workers Struggle!!!


46 organizations have endorsed May Day on Wall Street! Email to add your group.

May Day on Wall Street Endorsers:

Peoples Power Assemblies NYC • International Action Center • Acción Revolución Estados Unidos y Canadá • Alberta Lovera Bolivarian Circle • Associación do Trancalenos USA • BAYAN • Black Alliance for Peace • A Call to Action of Puerto Rico • Coalition of Black Trade Unionists • Committee to Liberate Jorge Glas • Committee to Stop FBI Repression NYC • December 12th Movement • DECRIM NYC • Domestic Workers United • FIRE-Fight for Im/migrants & Refugees Everywhere • Free Mumia Abu Jamal Coalition-NYC • Frente Independentista Boricua • Frente Hispano • FUIE-Frente Unido de Immigrantes Ecuatorianos • 7k or Strike • Guyanese American Workers United • Haïti Liberté • International League of Peoples’ Struggle • International Migrants Alliance • Indigenous Solidarity Rebellion • International Support Haiti Network • International Working Women’s Day Coalition • Jericho Amnesty Movement-NYC • Jersey City Peace Movement • Laundry Workers Center • Lynne Stewart Organization • May Day Space • May 32 Coalition • Ministry in Solidarity with the Peoples, Holyrood Church • National Immigrant Solidarity Network Network • New Abolitionist Movement • No War on Venezuela • NYC Shut It Down • OWS Special Projects Affinity Group • The People’s Forum • People’s MTA • Pro Libertad • Punks for Progress • Pakistan USA Freedom Forum • Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement • UNAC-United National Antiwar Coalition NYC • Workers World PartySource:

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