Press Release on the Situation in Venezuela – Guyana


The Guyana Peace Council,(GPC) like the Government of Guyana continues to follow with deep interest and growing concern the evolving political situation in neighboring Venezuela.

The GPC supports unequivocally,the Government of Guyana’s stated position rejecting violence and the threat of the use of force as unacceptable means for the resolution of conflict.

The GPC fully supports the government’s and, by extension, CARICOM’S call for all parties to urgently and vigorously search for a peaceful and democratic solution to the volatile situation obtaining in Venezuela.

Finally, the GPC rejects the invocation of concepts such as ‘Troika of Tyranny’, ‘Axis of Evil’ and ‘ Circle of Crisis’ as incompatible with the peace loving and democratic aspirations of the peoples of the region and those of the world at large.

Such concepts run counter to the unanimous agreement reached by Caribbean and other member states of the United Nations as well as regional stakeholders, that the Caribbean remain a Zone of Peace.

In this regard, any disruption of the extant status quo within the region will be counterproductive and would, engender hostility, instead of promoting good neighborly relations between states, a necessary prerequisite for the peaceful and democratic development of the region at this historical juncture.

Guyana Peace Council
May 1, 2019

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