Tribute to Ambassador Elinor Felix

Image result for Elinor Felix photoWe in the Jamaica Peace Council are saddened by the loss of Ambassador Elinor Felix who was devoted to the Vision and Mission of a peaceful world. Elinor, the shortened French version of Eleanor,  is an uncommon name for a most uncommon human being. It is uncanny how much she embodied the meaning of her name which we came across on two websites. defined Elinor as one with a friendly nature and a desire to please. The website also says, among other things, that Elinor is expressive, diplomatic and easy-going.

The website Urban Dictionary (UD) defines Elinor as an awesome person and eternally loyal friend with great strength of character, an irresistible smile and the most beautiful eyes – a person who gives the best hugs in the world.

The authors of these two websites unwittingly captured the essence of our Elinor in both her personal and professional life.

Elinor was also the name of one of the heroines in Jane Austen’s novel “Sense and Sensibility”. Ambassador Elinor Felix was indeed a heroine for us in the way she dealt with her illness with stoicism and in the outstanding way in which she represented Jamaica as a diplomat in Cuba, despite it. She was an advocate of regional and global peace and participated in many of our discussions on preserving Latin America and the Caribbean as a Zone of Peace. She will truly be missed by all who had the opportunity to interact with her in different spheres. We remember and salute her on her birthday July 15, 2019 and wish we could dance with her again.

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