Salute to Cuba on the Anniversary of the 2021 Destabilization Attempts and Combatting the Covid 19 Pandemic

Today marks the anniversary of yet another failed attempt by US imperialism to destabilize and orchestrate the overthrow of the Cuban government. This attempt in the middle of the Covid 19 pandemic was resisted and thwarted by the power of the unity of the Cuban people who are convinced that the society they are building is far superior to what existed, with imperialist approval, before 1959.

The Cuban people know that the success of such a plot would lead to the reversal of the tremendous gains they have made in sixty-two years, as there is no record of imperialist “liberation” advancing the societies where they overthrow regimes that they cannot control like puppets. We only have to think of the results of their interference and interventions in countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and, closer to home, Haiti.

After the orchestrated protests, some of the protesters were seen waiting at the shoreline for boats to transport them to the US as a reward for creating disruption. Some got money to carry out explosive attacks on gas stations and other types of services. The US media portrayed them as peaceful protesters but that was far from true.

Today the US media such as CNN and The Washington Post are orchestrating media attacks in celebration of the anniversary of the failed attempt at destroying the Cuban society. It has been reported that activities have also been planned to continue the destabilization efforts. We condemn these acts.

The Jamaican people’s experience with Cuba has been one of peace and love. Cuba has done a lot to help our people through scholarships to study medicine and other disciplines, the provision of teachers, nurses and doctors, and the establishment of an Ophthalmology Centre to provide eye care that many Jamaicans would not be able to afford otherwise.

Cuba can be counted on to respond in any crisis, whether it be Ebola in Africa, earthquakes such as the one in Haiti in 2010, and most recently the Covid 19 Pandemic. They developed their own vaccines to defeat Covid 19 and were willing to share it with other countries if they received approval from the WHO. As we all know, Cuba played a major role in defeating Apartheid in Africa.

All of what Cuba has accomplished and shared with the rest of the world is despite the cruel blockade and crippling sanctions which have been made even harsher by the Joe Biden administration. The whole world, through an annual vote on resolutions at the UN has demanded the lifting of the blockade against Cuba. Yet it persists.

We must continue our support for Cuba by continuing to demand and end to the injustice of the blockade, sanctions, interference in their internal affairs and attempts at regime change by imperialism.

Long live the Cuban revolution!
Long live the government and people of Cuba!

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